This is what is keeping us busy....

Open Education Community takes part in some exciting projects! All of our projects are aimed to develop innovative learning materials for direct implementation by teachers, trainers, students and other learners.

Key words for us are a multidisciplinary approach, an engaging way of teaching and training and promoting student initiative.

Here are some of our projects and learning resources currently under development!

For primary and secondary education


We focus on children aged 8-13 at a critical age for learning to use the internet. The programme aims to develop their Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), and increases their on-line media literacy so that they have the ability to protect themselves and other children and to make safe and responsible decisions when they are on-line; including in particular their avoidance of, and response to, cyberbullying, radicalization and grooming - as victims or as bystanders.

#antibullying #socialemotionallearning #cybersafety

Culture United

We bring together primary education with local cultural (heritage) events and festivals and have teachers develop engaging and multidisciplinary lessons related to these events and make them part of their curriculum. Examples include educational programmes connected to a musical about 'De Elfstedentocht' in the Netherlands and the Burns & Beyond festival in Scotland.  

Like to learn how to connect your lessons to local cultural heritage events too? Get in touch!

#culture #events #heritage #primaryeducation

Smart Hands

Smart Hands is developing lesson plans for secondary schools which involve working with both your Hands and Head. The student who is inventive, knows about material, is skilled, is focused and has a team spirit, has the future.

We aim to create a recommitment to the vocational arts, in education and in life. Sounds interesting? Have your pupils take part in our online workshops with pupils from 4 other countries! More info via the Smart Hands website.

#headhandsheart #multidisciplinarylearning #craft

For vocational and higher education


We're in the process of developing a purpose build Navigator for competences needed to work in the bio based economy jobs. Our BBE Navigator determines any potential gaps in knowledge, skills or competences and directs you to suiting Learning Scenarios to overcome this. These allows you to prepare yourself to take part in the biobased or circular economy as a (future) professional.

#biobasedeconomy #circulareconomy #newjobs

Cook it Forward

Cook It Forward is aimed at vocational college students in hospitality and cooking.
We challenge students to propose innovative ways to lift the culinary traditions, ancient recipes, forgotten regional ingredients and traditional cooking techniques to 21st century demand. Via our real world company assignments, they will work directly with food producers like farmers and fishermen.  

#culinaryheritage #studentinitative #local #circular


We just started INACT! Why? To increase the knowledge and skills of educators to create more inclusive, innovative and engaging learning experiences for all students.

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” - William A. Ward

#inclusiveteaching #digital

Why we come together

As witnessed in practice by our founding members, courses developed within European, national and regional frameworks sometimes do not reach their full potential, in terms of reach, impact and legacy.

We support schools, universities and other training institutes with co-development and implementation of open education materials, quality assurance, business models, certification and (official) recognition in National and European Qualifications Frameworks and ECVET validation.

OpenEducation.Community for your projects

Individual teachers and schools are often not optimally equipped to unlock the full potential of their work beyond their own organisations and daily operations. Especially after (external) funding ends.

As a project partner, we ensure innovative courses and practices do not end up on the shelf, but instead become widely used and get officially implemented in a sustainable way across Europe and beyond.

Added value of involving Open Education.Community in your projects:

 partner search among our dedicated members
 free assessment of your project proposal
 direct involvement of interested associate partners to your project
 accredited curricula & course methodologies to safeguard outcome quality 
 10 years course development experience and expertise
 ample peer review possibilities during material development and testing
 support with ECVET and NQF recognition
 wide impact & implementation of your Open Educational Resouces across Europe
 true legacy of your efforts